Alexandria supports individual growth and personal practice through private instruction. Private sessions are tailored to specific needs and goals, and can integrate Restorative Yoga, Power Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Reiki and more. The intention of private sessions is to deepen your practice and be as convenient as possible in the comfort of your own space or in a private studio setting.

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CorePower Yoga 2 (C2)

Ready to sweat? CorePower Yoga 2 (C2) is a rigorous yoga class with demanding strength postures that will have you moving, breathing and sweating! True to its name, a C2 class focuses on building and engaging your core strength to support you in more advanced postures. Set to energizing music in a heated, climate-controlled room, the C2 strengthens, balances, detoxifies and exhilarates the body and mind.

 “This class torches calories” – Shape Magazine

CorePower Yoga 3 (C3)

Find your focus and unleash your inner warrior. CorePower Yoga 3 is a high intensity yoga class that engages every muscle and every emotion as you unlock the mystery of more challenging yoga postures, arm balances and inversions. Alignment meets power when you tap into this advanced level Vinyasa yoga experience.

Hot Power Fusion (HPF)

Hot Power Fusion  blends powerful elements of CorePower Yoga’s Hot Yoga and Power Yoga classes. It encompasses the meditative and detoxifying qualities of Hot Yoga with the intensity of Power Yoga. Practiced in a heated, climate-controlled environment, this class focuses on opening the shoulders, hips and spine as well as strengthening core and upper body. Set to music, this class is energizing and fun and appeals to anyone who appreciates a healthy sweat.