I went to my friend Alex’s yoga class to get re-centered and to release all the tension and self doubts.
— Minling Chuang
Thank you Alexandria Z Geringer for a phenomenal Yoga class at Bhakti Yoga Shala !! I am so excited you are teaching there now! Your class is challenging yet nurturing and mindful all at once. I can’t wait to Om with you again very soon;) xoxo much love! ~Denise
— Denise Beaudoin
Thank you for the beautiful class Alexandria Z Geringer - your classes always kick my ass and make me smile. — at CorePower Yoga Los Angeles
— Adrienne Mae
Amazing way to start the day #namaste — with Alexandria Z Geringer and 3 others at Core Power Yoga (Brentwood).
— Emilie Bers
Good Morning Finday Friday. Beautiful blue hazy sky lol. Beautiful yoga class with Alexandria Z Geringer released my tensed up shoulder/neck ahhhhh xoxoxo
— Hiromi Levy
feel so much better after yoga. thank you to Alexandria Z Geringer for an amazing class. love you!
— Minling Chuang
One year ago, today, I stepped into a yoga studio for the first time. Needless to say, it has been the most transformative and liberating experience, and there’s nothing I can really say in words to sum up the blessing that it has been to me, my body and mind, and the people in my life. I’d like to thank all of my mentors and gurus for ushering me along the path to becoming a yoga instructor, enabling me to share the priceless gift of yoga with the world. I’m indebted to you for lifetimes to come. Kumudini, David, Alexandria, Aree, Jahmelia, Liz, Alyssa, Elissa, Abbie, Marxel, Kylee, JQ, and Vy, you have all had a hand in manifesting this miraculous year, and I can only thank you so much for it. Much love, and thank you for sharing this journey with me.
— Ramin Rahm Sharifi

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